Corporate Social Responsibility




AHA also has a distinguished track record in conceptualising and executing award-winning Corporate Social Responsibility programmes. We are committed to working with clients that want to take a fresh look at the way their businesses operate internally, and in the way they impact the wider community and environment.

Comprehensive CSR Programme support extends from consultation and development, right through to implementation and monitoring. In addition, Media Relations are strategically managed throughout to ensure that innovative programmes can be modelled for others to emulate, and receive the recognition that they deserve.

One of our most successful and satisfying CSR Programmes was a three-year long initiative undertaken for DiGi Telecommunications in January 2005.

DiGi’s Amazing Malaysians was to become a inspiring and life changing journey for everyone involved in the programme. The programme had a simple objective – to support the preservation of Malaysia’s heritage by identifying individuals who are doing great heritage work and engaging them in projects with youth or children.

The programme was founded on the belief that to preserve tradition, it is necessary to preserve the ability of people to appreciate it or practise it. Five broad areas of heritage were identified to focus on, namely natural, cultural, art, built and social heritage. And each year five unsung heroes who represented important work being done in each of these fields received much deserved recognition for their commitment to their craft.

In each project, an Amazing Malaysian worked with some 50-100 children or youth for up to three months. The projects were designed to be create a lasting love for heritage among the younger generation and to contribute in a concrete, long-term way to its preservation. DiGi’s staff also played an important role in implementation with different departments in DiGi (involving some 20 to 30 volunteers) adopting the different projects. Project were carried out in three phases:-

Discovery launch: Children (from a number of different schools) were introduced to the Amazing Malaysian and the project they were about to embark on. This was an opportunity for them to mingle and get to know each other.

Implementation: In this stage, the participants carried out the programme designed for them, under the guidance of the Amazing Malaysian. Emphasis during this stage was on the acquisition of new skills and knowledge.

Showcase: The highly anticipated final stage where the results of the participants’ work is presented to their family, community and other VIPs at a special event, the culmination of months of preparation.

DiGi’s CSR Programme, in its three years, working with 15 Amazing Malaysians and hundreds of school children and facilitators was to leave lasting impressions on so many. The programme received substantial press coverage and captured the imaginations of the wider public. It contributed in a real and meaningful way to strengthening the knowledge, skills and crafts that link Malaysia’s past to its present, and future.

DiGi Telecommunications went on to receive national recognition for its contribution to the preservation and revival of Malaysian heritage and arts. In November 2006, DiGi was awarded the Anugerah Pendukung Seni (Sektor Korporat) by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage. In October 2007, at the inaugural PM’s CSR Awards DiGi received the Award for best CSR in the Culture & Heritage category.

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