Ayesha Harben & Associates




is a sister company to Capital Corporate Communications (CCC).  Since the the early 1990s, the two companies have grown in tandem, complementing one another by sharing resources, talent and capabilities in order to deliver the best possible outcomes to their clients. Through the years they have built an impressive combined portfolio and client list.


Editorial and Publications

AHA assists clients in meeting their Editorial and Publications needs.  This covers a wide range of outputs – from promotional materials and corporate identity publications, to annual reports and periodicals.  AHA also excels at delivering on more substantial commissioned undertakings such as researching, writing, designing and publishing commemorative books. View Editorial Portfolio >>>


Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes


AHA also has a distinguished track record in conceptualising and executing award-winning Corporate Social Responsibility programmes. The organisation is committed to working with clients that want to take a fresh look at the way their businesses operate internally, and in the way they impact the wider community and environment.  Comprehensive CSR Programme support extends from consultation and development, right through to implementation and monitoring. In addition, Media Relations are strategically managed throughout to ensure that innovative programmes can be modeled for others to emulate, and receive the recognition that they deserve.   View CSR Portfolio >>>