Policy Development


Capital Corporate Communications (CCC) has over the past 18 years witnessed the transforming power of bold ideas and initiatives. We have had the privilege of seeing how these have gone on to influence change. We are proud to have contributed to some of Malaysia’s defining moments: the launch of Malaysia’s first satellite and the formulation of policies for the nascent telecommunications industry, building commitment to environmental conservation in the lead up to the historic Earth Summit in Rio, demonstrating a need for a Ministry to support women, creating a platform for women in the workplace, and finally, breaking down the barriers to social participation for people living with disabilities.

In 1992, CCC worked with the Prime Minister’s Office to develop a communications strategy that addressed Malaysia’s stand on making eco-efficiency a guiding principle for business and governments alike, while keeping in mind the special needs for national growth and development. This led to Malaysia’s active participation in The Earth Summit, described as a “historic moment for humanity”. For this historic moment, CCC created a video documentary, An Initiative for the Greening of the World, and a publication, Forever Green. We were proud to be a part of Malaysia’s endorsement of Agenda 21, the most comprehensive programme of action ever sanctioned by the international community.

The Earth Summit influenced all subsequent UN conferences, which have examined the relationship between human rights, population, social development, women and human settlements – and the need for environmentally sustainable development. Today, environmental communications remains a core concern and we continue to keep these issues alive through our website www.greenwaveasia.org.

With sister company Ayesha Harben and Associates (AHA), CCC created a communications campaign for the launch of MEASAT 1. This was an exciting time in the transformation of the communications environment in the country. Our involvement with DTU satellite communications services put us in a strong position to offer consultancy services to MAXIS Communications and, later, Astro. We handled the brand launch of ASTRO and managed its corporate and marketing communications activities for two years.

At this time, it became critical for the Government to design a policy that would create a strong multimedia and communications industry in Malaysia. CCC was appointed to organise a key industry briefing for all industry players in this fast converging area of information and communications technologies (ICT). Over the next few years, CCC worked closely with the Ministry of Energy, Communications and Technology, MIMOS, the National IT Council, and the Multimedia Development Corporation, creating publications as well as organising industry fora for discussion and debate.

In 2000, CCC facilitated the second Global Knowledge Partnership conference in Kuala Lumpur. GKII brought together over 2,000 people from 80 nations to discuss strategies to harness the potential of ICT to create better economic prospects in nations crippled by poverty and underdevelopment. The conference succeeded in launching important new initiatives for collective action. CCC and its volunteers received a standing ovation from the participants for the seamless organisation of such a large and complex event.

CCC conceptualised and organised a month-long series of events which culminated in the celebration of Malaysia’s National Women’s Day in 2000. The impact of these events subsequently led to the establishment of the Ministry of Women, Family & Community Development. For the new Ministry, we developed the Women’s Summit to address the concerns of women at work. We have now run the Summit for seven consecutive years (2003-2009), during which time we have placed issues of equity in the workplace, women in leadership positions, and work-life balance on the national agenda.

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Although this is just a sampling of the programmes and events CCC has helped organise in the last two decades, the list illustrates the impact of our ideas – ideas that help us be the change we want to see in the world.

Client list – Policy Development

♦ Department of Environment ♦ MIMOS ♦ Ministry of Education ♦ Ministry of Science and Technology ♦ Ministry of Primary Industries ♦ Multimedia Development Corporation ♦ National Information Technology Council (NITC) ♦ Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development ♦ Prime Ministers’ Department (Women’s Affairs)