Editorial and Design Services

Our campaigns are effectively supported by offline collateral and other production services. We have extensive experience producing annual reports, corporate and product brochures, design and packaging, company newsletters, speeches, briefing packages and corporate videos. In addition, the publishing division of CCC has successfully undertaken longer-form publications such as coffee table books and other commissioned works.

CCC is well-served by a creative and efficient in-house design team to meet our clients’ every need – from brochures and publications to banners and buntings. Each task is approached with the same attention to detail, be it personalised ‘thank you’ notes or a 60-foot backdrop.

Event collaterals

For the 2007 Women’s Summit organised with the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, the focus was on Work-Life Balance.  Mothers with young children tend to find it extremely difficult to balance work and family, and the failure of workplaces to embrace change often results in women exiting formal employment. However, in so doing, they are financially disadvantaged and vulnerable to sudden changes in their circumstances – the 4Ds – death (of spouse), divorce, disease and disability. 

The Summit was designed to bring the discussion of workplace flexibility to the fore. There was a need to capture the attention of young educated mothers that may or may not be working and would not be on our mailing list. For this purpose, CCC designed bright eye-catching postcards that could be distributed to cafes, restaurants and other meetings places frequented by young women. We succeeded in attracting participation from a large number of women interested in precisely these issues.  









Commissioned books

Journeys of the Heart: The Malaysian Family

This coffee-table book was produced for the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development in 2007 to celebrate Malaysian families. It captures the joy, love and security that strong, close-knit families bring to the nation. More than 40 families from diverse backgrounds were featured and shared their stories of challenges and triumphs.


A Legacy of Excellence: The Story of the Colombo Plan

This commemorative coffee-table book was published by The Colombo Plan Secretariat in 2010 to celebrate the achievements in regional development and nation building which resulted from the Colombo Plan, a visionary initiative to rebuild nations recovering after the Second World War.



Niche publications

Greenwave was an environmental magazine published by CCC to promoting environmental issues, lifestyle change and advances in technology and processes to reduce our impact on the planet.



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